Ancora Imparo.

I am still learning.

Michelangelo Buonarroti.

This one of the most important things that you can ever remind yourself of. The human mind is designed to acquire knowledge and, the moment it ceases to be fed, it grows stale and sedentary. So ensure that, however you choose to live you life, you are continually presented with new experiences and fresh sources of information. Whether it be how to correctly tie a knot, about the first Emperor of China’s proclivity for consuming mercury or maybe just what it feels like to have your heart broken for the third time in a row, learn!

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"They knew she was one of them, and Pansy knew she was one of them, and the living world was falling away about her.
She knew what she had to do.”

There are many parts of the Sacrifices Arc which are so much more detailed and compelling than what’s in JKR’s books that I’ve forgotten what’s canon. The Parkinson family is one of the more notable ones, especially Pansy. I love the whole family and what happens with all of them, and Hawthorn is mah gurl, but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOW AMAZING PANSY PARKINSON IS. I’m right at the end of Wind That Shakes the Seas and Stars, and man, Pansy. Be still, my heart.

“Her head throbbed with cold and the foreknowledge of death and a very great joy.
Her hands lifted and began to move in the final patterns.”


Aphrodite prayer beads! Freshwater pearls (couldn’t really find any other ones), pink marble (because pretty) and rose quartz (because love). There are five sections of eight beads - both numbers being strongly associated with the planet Venus, and four big separator beads - four being sacred to Aphrodite. I haven’t yet come up with specific prayers for each bead/section, although I do have something for the smallest beads in the workings.

Second photo is what I did with leftover materials. I wear it during ritual, but might also use it at any other time I need to remind myself of qualities and lessons of the Goddess. (I also have a pendant, not pictured, similar in style to the top photo’s heart pendant, except it’s a flower. Might wear it on its own? No plans yet).

Third pic is what I keep all of this in. I’m so happy I didn’t get rid of that years ago. A shell made into a swan! I got it in Greece, from my best friend at the time. I can’t believe it survived the 15-20 years!


also the fact that tamora pierce proved way back in the 80s that you can write a complex high fantasy world that upholds a lot of genre conventions without making it hell on earth for every female character because “that’s how it was back then” or whatever (glaring burning daggers at GRRM).

Like wow maybe you can write a society where misogyny is prevalent and women do struggle against limiting gender roles, but maybe also you can make that society rational and capable of change. Maybe women don’t need to fear rape every time they come in contact with a man to make things feel “realistic”

helloooo truthiness. I love sword and sorcery fantasy and not once have I been reading a book and gone “wow, you know what this needs for more realism? A FUCKTON OF RAPE THREATS AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE” like that is not a thing I have ever missed from a book




Anyone know offhand what Alanna’s colors are?

I’m preeetty sure the red and gold are Barony Olau’s colors, but I could be wrong about that. Trebond’s arms are a black tower on a red field. Pirate’s Swoop’s arms are a gold key on a brown field, and the livery is gold-trimmed brown.

Thanks. I was trying to google this info and nothing was coming up. :(

No problem! I checked my books - the lioness shield that Thom gives her when she earns her knighthood is gold on red, and Tortall’s official colors are blue and silver, in case that’s relevant